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5 Creative Ways to Win a Bidding War in a Hot Market

how to win a bidding war

House hunting in South Bay LA—one of the country’s hottest real estate markets—where the supply of houses is low and buyer demand is high, you’ll find yourself in a bidding war, with multiple offers pushing prices ever higher. Here, shares some creative, less-expected methods prospective buyers have used to win over sellers.   Putting heart and […]

Exurbs vs. Suburbs: Do You Know the Difference?


If city living sounds undesirable, buying in the suburbs or exurbs might be more your speed. Although moving to the heart of a big city means being near major employers, top hospitals, schools, and culture, owning outside major metropolitan areas has an entirely different set of advantages. Exurbs and suburbs came about from a desire […]

Reasons to Buy a Condo Versus a Single-Family Home

condos vs SFR's

Condos are appealing to home buyers for many reasons: The exterior maintenance is taken care of, and you may even get to use a swimming pool that is cleaned and maintained for you, as well have access to a fitness center and other recreational facilities. Here, some reasons why you might want to consider a […]

South Bay Magazine | 1922 Redondo Beach Craftsman

The renovation of an original beach bungalow yields flair and confidence in this 1922 Redondo Beach Craftsman. Written by Suzanna Cullen Hamilton Photographed by Shane O’Donnell Authenticity is often aspired but rarely achieved. For South Bay real estate agent Alison Clay-Duboff and her husband, Ken, the renovation of their 1922 Craftsman is as genuine and […]

Redondo Beach Prepares to Vote on Fate of AES Power Plant

For more than 100 years the Redondo Beach waterfront has housed a power plant — known today as AES Redondo Generating Station — but this could soon change. On Tuesday, March 3, residents of the southern-most beach city will determine the fate of the power plant and the waterfront it sits on when they hit […]

New El Segundo Shopping Complex Is Coming Soon (And I’m Excited)

The South Bay just keeps getting better. The construction of a new shopping and dining complex in El Segundo is well under way with developers of the project planning to open its doors sometime this summer. The $80-million complex will be called The Point and is located at the crossroads of Rosecrans Avenue and Sepulveda […]

How to Make Your South Bay Backyard Inviting This Winter

Winters in the beach cities are usually mild, so we residents enjoy the benefits of outdoor living while the rest of the country shivers and battles the snow and cold. If you are looking to upgrade your South Bay backyard for winter relaxation and fun, consider these improvements to enhance comfort and increase the value […]

Why the South Bay is the Best Community in the Country’s Most Valuable Housing Market

Manhattan Beach Pier Lighting

Real estate website Zillow recently released its annual “Total Value” report, which projects the cumulative value of all homes in the country’s major cities. Sitting atop the list? Our very own City of Angels. With the value of our single-family residences, condominiums, and cooperatives totaling $2.3 trillion, we edged out New York ($2.1 trillion) and […]

There’s a Good Reason Pro Athletes Call South Bay Home

Since the 1980s, professional athletes have made the South Bay their home. And who can blame them? Our beach cities are not only beautiful, but they also also afford a certain level of relaxation and community not available in many other parts of the city. As the Los Angeles Times recently pointed out, our coastal […]