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South Bay Magazine | 1922 Redondo Beach Craftsman

The renovation of an original beach bungalow yields flair and confidence in this 1922 Redondo Beach Craftsman. Written by Suzanna Cullen Hamilton Photographed by Shane O’Donnell Authenticity is often aspired but rarely achieved. For South Bay real estate agent Alison Clay-Duboff and her husband, Ken, the renovation of their 1922 Craftsman is as genuine and […]

Hermosa Says No to Oil Drilling, Redondo Isn’t Rid of Power Plant Just Yet

Voters hit the polls yesterday in a climatic end to two fiercely debated ballot measures. Hermosa Beach has spoken and there will be no oil drilling in the seaside paradise anytime soon. Their neighbors in Redondo also made a crucial decision yesterday, deciding to hold off on tearing down the AES power plant. Hermosa Beach’s Measure […]

Redondo Beach Prepares to Vote on Fate of AES Power Plant

For more than 100 years the Redondo Beach waterfront has housed a power plant — known today as AES Redondo Generating Station — but this could soon change. On Tuesday, March 3, residents of the southern-most beach city will determine the fate of the power plant and the waterfront it sits on when they hit […]

This Gingerbread House Costs $40,000 Per Square Foot

If you’re thinking about making a smart real estate investment, you’ll want to stay away from online luxury retailer VeryFirstTo and its “most precious Christmas gingerbread house ever.” Why? Because it will set you back $79,910. Yes, $79,910. When you account for its size — it’s approximately 26 by 14 by 18 inches — the […]

Yoga on the Redondo Beach Pier

Everyone knows that the beach is a great place to exercise; there’s the water right there for boogie boarding, surfing, swimming, and the sand is perfect for jogging and beach volleyball. The Strand, running through Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach, is the perfect route for biking, rollerblading, or walking dogs. Now, you can also do […]

Local South Bay Schools Are In Demand

I like to talk about how important our local schools are to the South Bay, like I did in my post about Hermosa Beach school expansions. Sure, the weather in the South Bay is amazing, the views are spectacular, the small-town feel is unlike anything else in Southern California, and property out here is among […]

The Redondo Beach Wall Will Become A Bike Path

More bike paths connecting Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach are coming!  The Redondo Beach Wall, on Redondo’s north border with Hermosa’s Strand,  is finally going to be done away with in favor of a new gateway along Harbor Drive and a new public plaza and bike path that will reconnect the two cities at the […]

The Bronze Meistrell Statue Unveiled!

Twin surfers Bob and Bill Meistrell were local South Bay residents who invented the very first wetsuits and founded Dive N Surf/Body Glove in Redondo Beach. To honor them, the city is unveiling a new Meistrell statue of the two men on Thursday, June 5, at 4 p.m., at the Seaside Lagoon (200 Portofino Way). Here’s […]

Surfs Up in the Beach Cities

Did you know that the South Bay and the Beach Cities have some of the best surfing in the world? Cities like Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Palos Verdes have some of the most pristine shorelines and best waves for hanging ten in Southern California. Hermosa Beach near the Hermosa Pier is known for […]

Current Manhattan Beach Statistics: What’s Going On?

Manhattan Beach

Hello everyone! Today I’m very eager to explore the low inventory situation we’ve got in Manhattan Beach, and all over the South Bay, these days. Because everyone wants to live here (because it’s just the best place in the world to live – the schools are fantastic, the ocean is gorgeous, and the community feels […]