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Awesome Video of Manhattan Beach

Stunning imagery of our beautiful Manhattan Beach thank you Scott McFarlane! Manhattan Beach, California (from above) from Scott McFarlane (smFilms) on Vimeo.

Manhattan Beach City Council Updates Historical Preservation Law

Manhattan Beach

A decision made by the Manhattan Beach City Council on Feb. 17 will require that owners of historic properties who are seeking to demolish them will have to wait for 30 days before doing so. During the waiting period, it will be determined if the property in question meets the criteria for being considered a […]

This Gingerbread House Costs $40,000 Per Square Foot

If you’re thinking about making a smart real estate investment, you’ll want to stay away from online luxury retailer VeryFirstTo and its “most precious Christmas gingerbread house ever.” Why? Because it will set you back $79,910. Yes, $79,910. When you account for its size — it’s approximately 26 by 14 by 18 inches — the […]

There’s a Good Reason Pro Athletes Call South Bay Home

Since the 1980s, professional athletes have made the South Bay their home. And who can blame them? Our beach cities are not only beautiful, but they also also afford a certain level of relaxation and community not available in many other parts of the city. As the Los Angeles Times recently pointed out, our coastal […]

The Beach Cities are Smart Cities

I just recently read about National Geographic Channel’s Smart Cities program (The 2014 Traveler 50: World’s Smartest Cities), and I can’t help but think that the Beach Cities of Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach definitely fall into the category of Smart cities. Smart cities, according to the magazine, need a strong downtown center area, have […]

Local South Bay Schools Are In Demand

I like to talk about how important our local schools are to the South Bay, like I did in my post about Hermosa Beach school expansions. Sure, the weather in the South Bay is amazing, the views are spectacular, the small-town feel is unlike anything else in Southern California, and property out here is among […]

Beach Cities Property Owners, Have You Seen This Article?

Manhattan Beach

The LA Weekly recently posted a new blog article about L.A.’s ten most expensive zip codes right now. Hermosa Beach (median home price $1,380,000) and  Manhattan Beach (median home price is $1,887,500) both made the list.  This data is from ZipRealty, who conducted a recent survey. So, if you’ve been worried that your Hermosa Beach or Manhattan […]

Manhattan Beach Historic Landmarks to Make a Comeback

I’ve blogged before about how much I love the local South Bay historical landmark homes and I am happy to say that Manhattan Beach will soon be providing financial incentives to property owners in an attempt to keep those gorgeous historical homes around instead of razed or changed for newer buildings and developments. The new Mills Act […]

What Real People Think of The Strand

The Strand in Manhattan Beach

The Strand, the long walkway/path that runs along the beach up and down Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach, is a huge favorite of locals and tourists alike. It’s the perfect place to jog, rollerblade, cycle, or walk the dog (or in my case, dogs). One thing I like to do, to stay on the pulse […]

GQ Magazine says Manhattan Beach is the Best Food beach!

Do you read GQ magazine? Their July issue has officially dubbed the city of Manhattan Beach “America’s Best Beach for Chowing Down.” The magazine also says that we have one of the best beaches in the entire United States. I wholeheartedly agree. I guess we have “foodie magnets,” according to the magazine, like chef David LeFevre […]