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6 Reasons Why Winter Is One of the Best Times to Buy a Home

winter is best time to buy a home

Spring and Summer usually are considered to be the prime home-buying seasons, with winter thought of as a time when things slow down and buyers and sellers often will take a break. While it’s true that things do slow down during the winter, that’s not necessarily bad. Here, tells you why it’s smart to purchase […]

The Pet Lover’s Guide to Buying a Home

Pet Lover’s Guide to Buying a Home - frenchie bulldog

Do you have dogs, cats or other furry friends? You want to be sure and think of them when you’re looking to purchase a house. Not all homes and neighborhoods are pet-friendly. Here, shares four questions you need to ask to find a place that works for you and your pets. What are local […]

What Millennial Homebuyers Really Want

What Millennial Buyers Really Want

Not only are today’s millenial homebuyers seeking urban lifestyles that offer accessibility, walkability, and proximity to entertainment, but they also are technologically savvy. To cater to this group, developers are building more new properties in the middle of everything—complete with amenities that foster a sense of community and wellness—and also offering the kind of high-tech […]