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Smoke-Free Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach Healthy Air

I love that Hermosa Beach is a smoke-free community, and I love that the city is taking even further steps to remove tobacco and cigarettes from the community. Our beaches don’t have butts, you can sit in a sidewalk cafe without having smoke blown in your face, and our community is made up of healthier […]

The Beach Cities are Smart Cities

I just recently read about National Geographic Channel’s Smart Cities program (The 2014 Traveler 50: World’s Smartest Cities), and I can’t help but think that the Beach Cities of Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach definitely fall into the category of Smart cities. Smart cities, according to the magazine, need a strong downtown center area, have […]

Electric Cars come to Hermosa Beach

the strand

I am excited by all things green and environmentally-conscious, so whenever Hermosa Beach does something great for the environment and the community, I try to support it 100%. in 2010, the City of Hermosa Beach decided to become completely “carbon neutral” and use alternative and solar power.  This week, Hermosa Beach got its first electric […]

Local South Bay Schools Are In Demand

I like to talk about how important our local schools are to the South Bay, like I did in my post about Hermosa Beach school expansions. Sure, the weather in the South Bay is amazing, the views are spectacular, the small-town feel is unlike anything else in Southern California, and property out here is among […]

The Palos Verdes Kelp Forest Is Restored

The Palos Verdes Peninsula is famous for being the home to numerous species of birds and wildlife, and the waters around the Peninsula also feature an array of dolphins, sea birds, and even sea otters. Before the 1950s, there were thick and healthy giant kelp forests around the oceans there, which were the favorite habitat […]

How “Hardscaping” Can Make Your South Bay Yard Amazing

Everyone loves a well-maintained frontage. But in the South Bay, it can be difficult to keep large, shaded, or just plain boring and old-fashioned lawns looking lush. We do live in an arid, semi-desert region, after all, and as the Beach Cities have become more sustainable-conscious, we are all trying to use less water and […]

Healthy Eating in Manhattan Beach

GrowingGreat ( is a local nonprofit in Manhattan Beach that is dedicated to helping children and adults make healthy eating choices. A big part of what they do is promote locally-grown, organic fruits and vegetables and place an emphasis on where our food comes from and how it impacts us as a community. On Saturday, July […]

Sustainability in Manhattan Beach

sustainable garden

Were you aware of Manhattan Beach’s tendency towards sustainability? Do you know what sustainability means? Sustainability and green living is a lifestyle that reduces the impact humans have on the environment and the Earth’s resources so that human life can be better in the future. Sustainability can include changing the way we use transportation, energy consumption, and […]

The Best Reasons to Buy a Green Home

Green idea house

Do you know what a “Green” home is? Green home features reduce pollution, waste, and look to long-term solutions for energy and environmental issues in the community. There are numerous green homes in the South Bay, and homes that have some green features are almost everywhere in the Beach Cities today. Green features include technology […]