Six Bedroom Design Trends That Buyers Dislike

Whatever’s hot now will someday be…not. From mountains of pillows to bright colors, offers seven once-popular trends that decorating experts suggest sellers banish from the bedroom when placing their home on the market.


  1. All white, all the time

Home sellers often are told to stick to a neutral palette, and white is a neutral, but it also can be too sterile and harsh on the eyes. Not exactly the relaxing vibe you want in a bedroom. If you’re going for a minimal look, try including some color in the room via bright pillows and a cozy yet bold throw.


  1. Your ‘reading corner’

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a chair and floor lamp in the corner will add flair to your bedroom. In most cases, it’s a waste of space that’s actually can end up cluttered with clothing and other stuff. Not really ideal for sitting and reading. Instead, try placing a bench with concealed storage at the foot of the bed.


  1. Too many shelves, too much stuff

Bookshelves make sense in the bedroom, but entire walls of them is overkill. Open shelving can give the room an airy, spacious look, but it often turns into an eyesore due to clutter. Leave just one or two shelves open and arranged neatly with books and other objects—and then fill the rest with baskets and bins for your belongings.


  1. Crazy pillow piles

One person’s fluffy extravagance is another’s pet peeve. Control the chaos on your bed by sticking to this golden rule: Don’t have more decorative pillows than you actually use. For most people, this will be the pillow on which you sleep, plus a bolster and/or a square European pillow for reading in bed. Also, be sure there’s a common color, texture, or fabric tying the elements together.


  1. Stark décor

The bedroom should look decluttered and organized, not a space where most of the furnishings have been stripped away. When it comes to furniture placement, pay attention to the size and scale of your pieces. If there’s too much in the room or the bed is too big, the room will feel claustrophobic. But, with too little furniture, you run the risk of making it look like your first apartment after college.


  1. Drapes of yesteryear

Flowing drapes on windows and canopy beds require a lot of vacuuming to keep dust at bay—and you should be concerned about air quality since this is where you sleep. Instead, opt for simple panels, Roman shades, or woven blinds with black-out panels.

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