7 Ways to Ease the Stress of Moving During the Holidays

Moving During the Holidays

At a time when people look forward to cozying up at home, the last thing most of us want to do is pack boxes, clean, and wrangle odds and ends and move during the holidays. But some people don’t have a choice…perhaps they’re selling because they just graduated from college or relocating for a new job. If you find yourself have to pack up and move during the most wonderful time of the year, take note: Moving doesn’t have to ruin your holiday fun. Here, realtor.com offers some tips that are sure to help make the process less hectic and more bearable.

1. Include a change of address in your holiday cards

If you know your new address, consider including a change-of-address note in your holiday cards to alert family and friends. Kill two birds with one stone when sending your holiday cards. 

2. Donate seasonal items

Consider giving some of your gently used items to those who may otherwise have no way of affording them. Warm clothes, in particular, are in demand at consignment stores during winter months, and parents welcome toys for their kids. If you’re not sure where to donate your goods, your local SalvationArmy is a good place to start.

3. Ask for a holiday discount

You may find that movers are in the giving spirit this time of year and prepared to show their appreciation for your business. Book your moving company early and ask for a discount. This time of year is not as busy as others, so the movers might feel more generous and agree to a reduced price for their services. Another bonus: Your moving date is more likely to be available to book because movers aren’t as busy during this time of year.

4. Keep gifts to a minimum

Secret Santa gift exchanges and traditional gift-giving among your friends and relatives are all part of the holiday season. However, the last thing people who are moving need is more stuff. To keep the mess to a minimum, ask people not to bring or send presents until after you’ve moved into your new home. As an alternative, consider keeping gifts wrapped until you arrive at your new place for easy packing and unpacking.

5. Recycle supplies

Relocating involves a lot of moving supplies such as bubble wrap and boxes, but you don’t have to spend a lot on them. Avoid waste and save some money by reusing the boxes and paper from packages you receive during the holidays. You also can ask your friends for their leftover boxes and wrapping paper.

6. Pack accordingly

You’re likely to have a lot of boxes on your hands, which can make it difficult to find your box of decorations. Make it easy to deck your new halls by packing your ornaments, garlands and festive adornments last. Load your holiday decor boxes last, so when you move into your new home you can give it an instant holiday feel.

7. Give yourself the gift of a moving company

If you have to move during the holidays but you’d really prefer to reduce the stress of moving, Self-recommends gifting yourself (and your family) a professional moving company. It’ll be more expensive than moving boxes yourself, but hiring an extra set of hands will allow you to focus on the parties and festive get-togethers that happen during this time of year.

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