Hermosa Says No to Oil Drilling, Redondo Isn’t Rid of Power Plant Just Yet

Voters hit the polls yesterday in a climatic end to two fiercely debated ballot measures. Hermosa Beach has spoken and there will be no oil drilling in the seaside paradise anytime soon. Their neighbors in Redondo also made a crucial decision yesterday, deciding to hold off on tearing down the AES power plant.

Hermosa Beach’s Measure O, which sought to prevent E&B Natural Resources from installing 34 oil and gas wells in the city, passed with a decisive 78.9 percent of the vote. Redondo’s Measure B was determined by a much narrower margin, falling with 51.9 opposed and 48.1 percent in favor. If Measure B had succeeded, the beachside AES power plant would have given way to a rezoned area composed of retail, residential, and hotel space, as well as 10 acres of open space. While all of this sounds good in theory, the divided residents of Redondo Beach ultimately decided that they want AES, who owns the power plant and put forth Measure B, to work with the community on a more balanced plan.

As Councilman Bill Brand told The Daily Breeze, “The public is saying AES should come back to the public and council to work on rezoning that’s more balanced and benefits everyone so we can all move forward.”

To learn more about the background of the two important beach city measures, read To Drill or Not to Drill: All About Hermosa Beach’s Measure O and Redondo Beach Prepares to Vote on Fate of AES Power Plant.



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