How Your Bedroom Could Turn Off Potential Buyers

Many people selling their house throw all of their efforts into beautifying its curb appeal, and scrubbing the kitchen and baths until they shine.

But it’s important not to forget the bedroom. According to, here are some items in your bedroom that are most likely to make potential buyers run for the exit.

1. Pet paraphernalia

Buyers can be offended because a bed isn’t made, there are light stains on the floor, or even worse, there’s a strong odor from a pet. Even if a home is gorgeous, a potential buyer can wince if they walk into a bedroom that smells like cat urine.

So, be sure to remove any evidence of your pet before a home showing, including litter boxes, toys and pet hair. And remember: Even if you can’t smell your pet, other people probably can.

2. Boudoir photos

While it can be fun to take racy boudoir photos for your spouse, it only will evoke one of three emotions with potential home buyers: laughter, disgust or ill-timed physical responses—none of which will help you sell your home. As a rule of thumb: Put away that glamour shot.

3. Medical equipment

Even though CPAP machines are a great way to cure sleep apnea, they’re not necessarily attractive for anyone who is not the user of the machine. Because CPAP machines and other medical equipment can evoke feelings of anxiety rather than inspiration, be sure to put them away before showings.

4. Laundry

Another thing potential buyers don’t want to think about? Your dirty clothes. But a hamper of clothes on the floor—or even neatly folded socks left out on your bed—makes that rather difficult. It doesn’t matter if your laundry is dirty or clean, you should always fold it up and put it away before showings.

5. Mirrors (and more)

Imagine walking into a bedroom with mirrors on the ceiling and a life-sized nude photo hanging above the bed. It can happen. Sometimes, no matter what an agent says, owners will not take down such things, and that can make it hard for potential buyers to see themselves living there.

The best advice when prepping your bedroom for a showing: Play it safe. You want people to walk into your bedroom and feel like they’re walking into a hotel suite at the Ritz. 

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