Features That Can Turn Away Millennial Home Buyers

Millennial home buyers

With millennials now comprising such a large percentage of all home buyers, it makes sense that you would want to keep this age group in mind when selling your home. While there definitely are upgrades that can catch the eye of millennial home buyers, there also are some home features that are known to send […]

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Home-Buying Tips From HGTV’s House Hunters

HGTV’s home buying

HGTV’s House Hunters reality show premiered 20 years ago in October. The focus: A couple (usually) is seeking a home within a certain budget, with their agent informing them exactly what they can get for that budget and showing them three options. The couple then agrees on a choice, put in an offer and get […]

How to Keep Your Pets Calm & Safe When Moving to a New Home

When you get ready to move to a new home, some of the first things you likely will consider is packing and hiring movers. If you own pets, however, you’ll also want to think about how you can ensure a smooth transition for your furry friends. Here are some expert tips from that pet […]

Top Female Entrepreneur Alison Clay-Duboff Shares Secrets of Success

female entrepreneur alison clay-duboff and husband

Alison Clay-Duboff has worked in real estate for over 13 years. She studied at George Washington University and the American University in Paris and has lived in the U.K., St. Barts, France, Sweden and Saudi Arabia. Alison and her husband, Ken Duboff, operate Salty Water Properties, Inc. as part of RE/MAX Estate Properties in Manhattan […]

5 Home Features Millennials Couldn’t Care Less About

If you’ve just placed your home on the market, there’s a high likelihood that your potential buyer could be a member of the millennial set. So, it’s probably a good idea to figure out what kind of houses the members of this generation are seeking. According to real estate professionals, a large majority of millennials […]

4 Things You Should Avoid Doing When Putting Your Home on the Market

So, you’ve decided to place your home on the market. In addition to enlisting a professional real estate agent, you’ll need to know what not to do when selling your house. Here, RISMedia offers a handful of things to get you started. 1. Don’t over-improve As you prepare to list your home, you might realize […]

What Is the Average Price per Square Foot for a Home—and Why Does It Matter?

Thinking about buying a house? The first dollar figure you’ll want to know is the price, but a close second is the cost per square foot—along with the average cost per square foot for a home in that neighborhood (or the median cost for a square foot of home space, which is actually a better […]

7 Red Flags to Watch Out for When Buying a Home

Before you make an offer on a home, it’s a good idea to take a peek around the neighborhood. After all, you can change your house, but you can’t change the location. If your new neighborhood is on the decline, you might have a difficult time when you decide to sell. And because a bad […]

11 Tips On Using Scents To Sell Your Home

You’ve likely spent considerable time and energy to making sure you’re your house looks great before placing it on the market. However, did you forget about any smells that might be lurking? Even if you’ve decorated or staged your home perfectly, if potential buyers walk in and detect an unpleasant odor, they could make a […]