How Public Art Can Affect Nearby Home Prices

How Public Art Can Affect Nearby Home Prices

Around the country, public art has become a hot commodity that is being used to spark nearby home prices in blighted neighborhoods and to turn vacant land into places where people want to live, work and play. Builders are increasingly incorporating art both into these emerging neighborhoods and into their own developments, as they compete […]

The Scoop on Investing in Single-Family Rental Homes

single-family rentals

Demand for single-family rentals is at an all-time high and showing no signs of slowing, according to MarketWatch. If you’re a newcomer to single-family rental investing, know that buying and owning a single-family rental home is easier than you might imagine. Here, the financial information website offers four tips to get you started.   Know your […]

Housing Prices Hit New Highs, But Show Signs of Deceleration

In May, U.S. housing prices hit

In May, U.S. housing prices hit an all-time high of $297,000 and sold faster than ever before—in just 55 days. But the market also showed hints of slowed momentum, according to’s May 2018 monthly housing trend report, with inventory declining 6 percent year over year in May and increasing 6 percent compared with April 2018. Median listing prices […]

What You Need to Know About Buying a House in Summer 2018

Buying a House in Summer 2018

Thinking about buying a home this summer? While the sunniest time of year can be ideal for exploring new neighborhoods and visualizing future patio parties during viewings, it’s important to understand that the current housing market still is experiencing increased existing homes sales and listing prices, coupled with decreased starter-home inventory. But there are perks […]

Exurbs vs. Suburbs: Do You Know the Difference?


If city living sounds undesirable, buying in the suburbs or exurbs might be more your speed. Although moving to the heart of a big city means being near major employers, top hospitals, schools, and culture, owning outside major metropolitan areas has an entirely different set of advantages. Exurbs and suburbs came about from a desire […]

How to Sell Your Parents’ House with Your Siblings’ Help

How to Sell Your Parents' House with Your Siblings' Help

Although no one likes to think of their parents passing away, this could happen, and if it does, you could be faced with having to sell your parents home. If you have siblings, hopefully, they will be of some help. However, you also could find yourself in the middle of a family feud, with the […]

7 Reasons to Think Twice Before Buying a Home with a Shady Back Yard

7 Reasons to Think Twice Before Buying a Home with a Shady Back Yard

A wealth of big, tall trees that provide lots of shade might seem idyllic when you’re shopping for a home. However, big trees can cause a host of problems. Your dream doesn’t have to die, though. All you need is a little front-end scrutiny. Here, offers 7 factors to consider during your home search. […]

Reasons to Buy a Condo Versus a Single-Family Home

condos vs SFR's

Condos are appealing to home buyers for many reasons: The exterior maintenance is taken care of, and you may even get to use a swimming pool that is cleaned and maintained for you, as well have access to a fitness center and other recreational facilities. Here, some reasons why you might want to consider a […]

How to Attract the Highest Offer Possible When Selling Your Home

Although improving the appearance of your home by sprucing up the lawn, decluttering or updating lighting fixtures are important factors to consider in attracting higher offers, there are pricing strategies that don’t involve any physical labor. Here, Trulia suggests some techniques that can help you get top-dollar offers. Price your home competitively Setting the ideal price […]

Advice to Ignore When You’re Buying a House

When you’re in the market for a home, you’ll probably be inundated with lots of advice from people who’ve been through the process before and want to pass on their sage wisdom. However, sometimes that advice isn’t right. Housing markets change over time…and the rules vary widely based on where you’re looking to live, along with many other […]