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Upgrades That Can Add Major Value to Your Home

El Moussa Value

HGTV home-flipping star Tarek El Moussa is an expert at teaching people how to renovate homes to boost their value—and to get top dollar on the sale. So, what’s his secret? After analyzing episodes of his show, noticed that El Moussa turned to certain upgrades time and again and that they never failed to […]

A Virtual Interior Designer Can Make Over Your Home

Virtual Interior Designer

Still, trying to avoid the outside world as much as possible, but need help with home improvements, a Virtual Designer might be able to help with redecorating your living room, renovating your kitchen, or just picking a new paint color from among the millions on the market? Many designers, decorators, and other home professionals offer […]

Things to Watch Out for During a Home Video Tours

Video tours

Video tours have increasingly become the go-to alternative to in-person home tours during the coronavirus pandemic. For prospective buyers, however, there’s more to the process than asking your real estate agent for one more peek at the chef’s kitchen or walk-in closet. In fact, there’s actually a whole other world outside just waiting to be explored—virtually. […]

How Much Do Pets Matter When Buying a Home?

pets home

Looking for the ideal home? There are numerous factors to consider, like whether it’s located in a good neighborhood, has an easy commute to work and if the price fits within your budget. Perhaps the most important consideration for many people, though, is whether or not it has everything that their pets need to live […]

How to Say Goodbye to Your Home Once It’s Sold

Selling home

If you’re in the process of selling a home you’ve lived in for many years, it could be quite difficult to say goodbye forever to the place that has come to mean much more to you than simply four walls and a roof. After all, this was where you made hundreds of memories, so driving […]

Things You Can’t Smell in a Virtual Tour That Could Cost You Later

virtual tours

Odors—pleasant or unpleasant—are strongly tied to our emotions and can leave a lasting impression when it comes to buying a house. Especially bad ones. The reason: Some unpleasant smells can indicate larger (and costlier) issues. But what if you can’t actually be on hand to take in all of the smells yourself, particularly during these […]

Beautiful Italy International Pages Talks with Alison Clay-Duboff

Feng Shui Your Yard for Maximum Curb Appeal

Feng Shui yard

You probably already know that using the tenets of feng shui can result in indoor space that hums with harmony. But were you aware that this ancient Chinese philosophy also can be used to improve your home’s exterior? In fact, good feng shui outside not only allows you to welcome visitors peacefully, but it can even entice potential […]

Staging Tips to Consider When Selling Your Home

home staging

If you’re thinking about selling your home, keep in mind that you can give potential buyers a great first impression of your digs by putting yourself in their shoes. Think back to the tour you took before buying the home, for example, and try to remember what stood out to you—both good and bad—and how […]

Simple Ways to Convert Your Backyard into Paradise


While much of the country is still under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are focusing on having fun in their own backyards—and shopping for ways to make their personal parcel of land more luxurious than ever. So, how do you pull this off? According to a recently released survey by Wayfair Professional on what its […]