The Best Feature of the Apple Watch? Home Automation

Apple devices always contain the latest and greatest technologies. The company’s newest release is an Apple Watch, which offers impressive capabilities. Although the watch includes a host of amazing features, the best may be its home automation integration.

Upon its unveiling, Apple representatives showed how well third-party apps integrate with the watch. During one demonstration, it was linked to a home security application so that the wearer had access to home features, including lighting, garage doors, and door locks. In this particular case, the footage from a home’s security camera was viewable from the wrist. Also, it was possible to open doors automatically.

The abilities of this watch span well beyond doors. A home can be filled with smart-enabled equipment that is easily checked and remotely triggered. For example, lights can be turned on and off, and temperatures can be set to comfortable levels. These are wonderful features when you are at home or away on vacation. Imagine the convenience of being greeted by a toasty house on a cold night after you arrive home from a hard day at work. Also, this device will provide peace of mind for frequent travelers who worry about home invasion. It is a phenomenal idea that is sure to change the way people communicate.

“Smart Home” has already enjoyed success on Apple’s phones and tablets. However, having the technology readily accessible on the wrist cuts the need to pull out a bulky tablet or locate a cellphone. When everything is available on the arm, especially with helpful features like Siri, the interface is even more user-friendly.

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